About Jalina

Light Seeker. Keeper of Birth and Memories

I'm an X-ray Tech turned homeschooling, cloth-diapering, breastfeeding, baby-wearing stay-at-home mom of 5 children living in rural Upstate NY. I’ve been married to Anthony since 2011, and together we’ve endured 7 miscarriages and years of male factor infertility. 

My years of trauma center experience means I know how to be calm and efficient during sensitive situations - like labor - without drawing attention. Years of fertility challenges have given me the utmost appreciation for the miracles that are your baby's life and birth.

I married my Marine when we were 20 and supported him through 3 deployments.

All 5 of our children are rainbow babies, so I'm all over the rainbow trend!

I love being home so much, I freebirthed our 4th son here after a precipitous labor with our third.

Despite moving about 25 times in my life and contending with ADHD that wasn't diagnosed until age 32, I was a straight-A student and am always researching a new topic.

Podcasts over social media any day.

If you’re looking for birth photography or in-home family photojournalism, check out my portfolio. If you’re interested in birth or bereavement support for moms, contact me.


Tiffany, homebirth mama of 3

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"Jalina's work in birth photography and doula services have easily been one of our family's favorite investments. She is personable, thoughtful, reliable, life-giving, and a well of knowledge. It's no doubt that we felt completely confident and cared for from the very beginning. She is totally invested and will surpass your expectations and support your every need with her variety of expertise."

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About Anthony

Bereavement Coach and daddy doula

I’m a Marine Corps veteran and have been married to Jalina since 2011. Together with my wife, we have endured 7 miscarriages and welcomed 5 beautiful children into our home. I appreciate the crucial need for mothers to bond with their babies. A strong bond makes breastfeeding easier, helps babies sleep better and cry less, and makes Mom less irritable. It’s true what they say; happy wife, happy life!

Grief is an expression of love, and it is the love I have for my wife and children that makes pregnancy loss so devastating. Experiencing pregnancy loss myself has taught me how to be sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of my wife.

As a veteran, I have a unique approach to handling grief and loss. In the military, we have traditions to remember and honor the lives of our loved ones. I understand how to mourn death while celebrating life, as opposed to the civilian approach of entirely ignoring grief and expecting it to pass.

I genuinely care about feelings fathers have and I care about changing the social norm that men are tough guys without feelings.

If you need bereavement coaching for dads, contact me.

Areas Served

I offer birth photography, family photography, and doula services anywhere in New York and Vermont that is within 2 hours of Rouses Point, NY.

New York

Champlain - Plattsburgh - Malone - Potsdam - Massena - Tupper Lake - Saranac Lake - Lake Placid - Ticonderoga - Lake George


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