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Bereavement support for moms

Together with my husband, I have endured 3 years of infertility and 7 miscarriages of varying types. Since 2018, I have supported dozens of families through the grief of pregnancy and infant loss, and I have collected several helpful resources including podcasts, books, support groups, and local resources.

For families enduring miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, or the anticipatory grief of a baby receiving a diagnosis considered "incompatible with life," I offer one-on-one, a la carte bereavement support call for $35 each. (Email support and in-person support available upon request.) Proceeds go to a bereavement fund to cover costs of baby remembrance photography for other bereaved families.

Support calls last 30-60 minutes each and cover topics such as:

  • Information on different types of medical care for miscarriage and guidance in deciding which type of care is best for you
  • Pregnancy and infant loss support resource list
  • The necessity of grief - grief as an expression of love
  • Grieving in a healthy way - finding help and protecting your closest relationships
  • Pregnancy after loss support

Due to my varying availability, please fill out the form below, and I'll reply via email about scheduling a call:

*additional travel fee for in-person support

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Bereavement coaching for dads

I’m a Marine Corps veteran and have been married to Jalina since 2011. Together with my wife, we have endured 7 miscarriages.

Grief is an expression of love, and it is the love I have for my wife and children that makes pregnancy loss so devastating.

As a veteran, I have a unique approach to handling grief and loss. In the military, we have traditions to remember and honor the lives of our loved ones. I understand how to mourn death while celebrating life, as opposed to the civilian approach of entirely ignoring grief and expecting it to pass.

I genuinely care about feelings fathers have, and I care about changing the social norm that men are tough guys without feelings.